2 day sailing experience

Enjoy sailing on the Frisian lakes with a beautiful sloop. You will receive nice sailing routes for on board. You spend the night in 1 of the beautiful hotel rooms of Stadsherberg Sneek. Your package is provided with a welcome, breakfast and, if desired, snacks and drinks on board.

Reception and instruction sloop sailing at holiday farm Broeresloot, from 10:00 a.m.

Explore the many charming villages and towns during your cruise. There are also many beautiful terraces along the water where you can relax. If you have ordered a picnic basket, you can enjoy it on one of the many islands that you will find along the way. Enjoy the peace and space that Friesland has to offer. Or enjoy a cozy lunch by the water in, for example, IJlst or Woudsend.

When you return, you deliver the sloop again and drive to the pleasant center of Sneek in 5 minutes. Your room at the Stadsherberg Sneek hotel is ready. In the evening you can explore the cozy city center of Sneek or dine on our attractive terrace. Afterwards, enjoy a good night's sleep. A delicious breakfast awaits you the next morning.

Price per person € 125,00.
Price includes 1 overnight stay with breakfast, 1 day sloop sailing.

Filled picnic basket €15,00 per person

Prices / availability may vary during the holidays.